Which box art is better? (Exile 2 edition)

I’ve been playing this little game for some time over on my other blog, and while writing up my last post (about Exile: Wicked Phenomenon‘s cover art) I thought, “Why not play it here, too?”

How does one play this game? Well, I post the cover art for a particular game–in this case, the Japanese and North American versions of Exile 2–and then I pontificate about which one I prefer. In a perfect world, said pontification prompts passersby to share their preferences, too.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the art that appeared on the cover of the Japanese version of Exile 2:

And here is the art that appeared on the cover of the North American version of the game (called Exile: Wicked Phenomenon):

I know I heaped a bit of praise onto Working Designs’ daring cover art in my last post, but I actually prefer the image that appears on the Japanese iteration of the game. It gives off a Castlevania kind of vibe, for starters, and it also seems to be a better fit with the title’s “Syrian assassin” storyline.


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4 responses to “Which box art is better? (Exile 2 edition)

  1. I really don’t like how Sadler looks in the Japanese one, so I’ll vote North American this time.

  2. I consider the US cover to be pretty horrid, so it’s an automatic win for the JP version here. That being said, the JP version gets Sadler’s hair color wrong (and less significantly, Rumi’s hair) so that’s a significant mark against what would otherwise be one damn cool piece of art.

  3. Thanks you two!

    Regarding your comment, Zigfried: I can’t help but wonder why the folks at Riot/Telenet approved the Japanese cover art as is. Shouldn’t someone have pointed out that the hair color was wrong on both of the featured characters? How strange…

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