‘I’m a king of tennis kingdom. Would you do me a favor?’

Boot up a copy of Namco(t)’s World Court Tennis and choose the title’s (in)famous “Quest” mode and you’ll come face to face with what could very well be the worst example of translated text in all of videogamedom.

Don’t believe me? Decide for yourself.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I’m a king of tennis kingdom. Would you do me a favor?

“My country has been peaceful. Everyone loved tennis. But it’s all over. Evil tennis king appeared. He took treasures of the royals. And snatched the tennis courts. People can’t play tennis and are complaining.

“Beat the king of tennis and bring back peace.”

I’m not sure which line I like better: “I’m a king of tennis kingdom” or “Evil tennis king has appeared.” Both deserve points for abruptness and awkwardness, don’t you think?

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3 responses to “‘I’m a king of tennis kingdom. Would you do me a favor?’

  1. “I’m a king of tennis kingdom”

    I can’t say the line isn’t awkward and abrupt (and hilarious). But I, for one, commend this guy for his usage of the indefinite article! If he’d said, “I AM THE KING OF THE TENNIS KINGDOM,” not only would he have sounded like a tyrant, but he would have been acting as if the other king (the evil one) didn’t exist. Clearly, this good king is an honorable chap who’s willing to state and face things as they are.

    Also, he’s the one character in the entire game who actually says something worth heeding:

    Note that he’s passing along this useful information despite the fact that the game’s disrespectful designers placed a row of poop icons above his head. What a guy.

  2. Yes, the (good) king’s modesty is quite refreshing, isn’t it? 🙂

    RE: your second comment — I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed the poop icons before. LOL!

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