Hello gorgeous! (part two)

Long story short: I recently acquired a Super CD-ROM2 system (along with a PC Engine Core Grafx II). I know, I didn’t really need the Core Grafx II, but it was a package deal.

Anyway, here are some Glamour Shots® of said systems:

Now I need some CD games. Any suggestions?


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8 responses to “Hello gorgeous! (part two)

  1. Any suggestions? Only about a million!

    Gate of Thunder, Kiaidan 00, Dracula X, Last Alert, Spriggan, Ys I&II, Emerald Dragon, Sylphia, Asuka 120% Maxima, Pop ‘n Magic, Cotton, Langrisser, Macross Eternal Love Song, Cho Aniki, Ai Cho Aniki, Blood Gear, Lords of Thunder, Cobra, Cobra II, Gambler Jikochuushinha Mahjong Puzzle Collection, Legend of Xanadu, Legend of Xanadu II, Dungeon Explorer II, Cosmic Fantasy II, Kisou Louga, etc etc etc………

  2. Thanks, Zigfried!

    Some of those games definitely are on my list, and some of them I’d never heard of before now (Gambler Jikochuushinha Mahjong Puzzle Collection, Kiaidan 00, Kisou Louga).

    Other games I’m sure to buy: Rainbow Islands and all three Tengai Makyou titles.

  3. OK, will do 🙂 Any other titles to absolutely avoid?

  4. Genocide, Mad Stalker, and pretty much anything else that involves controlling a mech that walks from left to right. Except Blood Gear. That one rules.

  5. I read IvaNEC’s recent Genocide review, so I knew to stay away from that one. Thanks for mentioning Mad Stalker, though. Thankfully, I’m not the biggest fan of mech games, so I probably wouldn’t play the good or the bad regardless.

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