Forgotten treasures

My husband and I spent the last week and a half at my parents’ house in McFarland, Wis. While we were there, I dug through my old bedroom closet–and discovered a slew of video games, systems and magazines that I had somehow forgotten.

Among the treasures I unearthed: A pristine copy of Final Match Tennis, two TTi promo videos (one focuses on Lords of Thunder, while the other touts the Turbo Duo system and software in general) and four PC Engine Fan magazine inserts (including some sort of Dragon Knight II strategy guide, see below).

I’ll probably share scans of some of the PC Engine Fan inserts in the coming days and weeks–along with other odds and ends, of course.


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2 responses to “Forgotten treasures

  1. I’d love to see those PCE Fan inserts. The art looks great!

  2. I’ll start by scanning some of the Dragon Knight II guide, Zigfried, as it’s the most cohesive and the most interesting of all the inserts.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the PC Engine Fan magazines into which they were inserted. Oh, well…

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