Don’t call me a Tengai Makyo virgin

Actually, feel free to continue calling me a Tengai Makyo virgin until my copies of Tengai Makyo: Ziria, Tengai Makyo II: Manjimaru and Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden arrive in the mail later this week (or early next).

Yep, I ordered all three (plus the promo-only spinoff, Denden no Den) a few days ago–despite the fact that I don’t know a lick of Japanese. Thankfully, translated walkthroughs exist for each of the titles. (You can find them here, here and here, respectively.)

Anyway, as soon as they arrive I plan to take the advice of IvaNEC (of The Brothers Duomazov fame) and start with Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden and then work my way backwards through the trilogy.

See also:My introduction to Tengai Makyo II


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2 responses to “Don’t call me a Tengai Makyo virgin

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  2. Huahahaha a i’m new here but i like this term “Tengai Makyou Virgin” i have lots of friends who are Tengai Makyo virgins yet! XD!
    Don’t be a Tengai makyou virgin!
    I believe that you are very anxious, i remember when i bought on ebay, all Tengai Makyou RPG games for PC engine and Saturn.
    and it was just amazing, the sensation of anxiety was strong! but after, when i received the pack i’m getting totally crazy it was very funny! XD
    And congratualtions you are a teenager with a very good taste for RPGs (in my opinion the best taste , because Tengai Makyo is the best serie of RPGs! XD)
    and you are going to love this games!!

    Jefferson Fagundes (Aka Blodia)

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