About this ‘RGB to SCART’ thingy …

So, the Super CD-ROM2 system I acquired a few weeks ago is able to output RGB in addition to composite. It even came with a RGB-to-SCART cable (see below).

Unfortunately, I have no idea what to do with it.

Am I screwed if neither my TV nor my computer monitor have RGB/SCART inputs, or can I buy some sort of converter?

Thankfully, I can connect the systems to my TV using an AV cable, but I’d sure like to take advantage of the RGB-to-SCART cable if at all possible.

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3 responses to “About this ‘RGB to SCART’ thingy …

  1. You would need a monitor with SCART input (typically a Euro design monitor, if I recall). I think the XRGB2 — or now there’s an XRGB3 that I know nothing about — should allow you to get some use out of this cable. It acts as an intermediary device.

    But you should research it first, because I never bought one. I too had the dreaded SCART cable that I could not use. I think I eventually just threw the damn thing out.

  2. Sigh. I thought that may be the case. Still, thanks for responding, Zigfried. Maybe someday I’ll buy one of those Euro monitors…

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