OK, so I lied …

I’m not going to start my playthrough of the Tengai Makyo trilogy with Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden; I’m going to start it with Tengai Makyo II: Manjimaru.

Why? Well, I’m still waiting for my copy of Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden to arrive, for starters. Also, I booted up my copy of Tengai Makyo II: Manjimaru yesterday (you know, to make sure it works) and it sucked me in like a Dyson sucks up dirt.

Specifically, the following tune sucked me in like a Dyson sucks up dirt. (I know, it’s a weird analogy.)

Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than great tunes (and great graphics) to get me through this game, as I’m already finding the multitude of menu options to be more than a little intimidating. (The title’s sole FAQ doesn’t delve into such details.)

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3 responses to “OK, so I lied …

  1. Arm

    Great tune, isn’t it ?

    The orchestral pieces of TM 2 have been composed by Joe Hisaishi. He’s well known for being the composer of all the animation movies directed by Miyazaki. (Nausicaa/Laputa/Totoro and such)

    Now listen to this track from Totoro (Totoro was made in 1988 and TM 2 was released in 1992.) :

    Doesn’t this tune remind you of something ? 🙂

    Here’s also an orchestral version of the Main theme of Laputa (one of the best theme he has composed in 1986).

    This movie as well as Nausicaa influenced the art direction – chocobos and airships 😉 – and storyline of all the RPG genre that was booming in Japan in the middle of the 80’s. And to this day, the influence is still obvious in RPGs like Lunar or Grandia.

  2. Hey there, Arm — thank you for the insightful and interesting comment! I can’t believe how similar the Totoro track and the TM2 track are. At least both were written by the same person — and both are beautiful 🙂

  3. Joe Hisaishi is one of the best Anime/composers that i had the nice opportunity to listening to!
    and this beautiful music that you kindly shows , present in the gorgeous anime Tonari Tororo, reminds me the splendid orchestral music of world map in Tengai Makyou II Manjimaru!

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