When FAQs fail

Actually, I shouldn’t say that this FAQ–for Tengai Makyo II–has failed me. At least, not yet. On the contrary, I’m fairly certain that once I get into the game it will prove most useful in pointing me in the right direction both figuratively (by telling me how to beat the game’s many bosses, for instance) and literally (by telling me where to go after beating said bosses).

At the moment, though, the FAQ is about as useful to me as a piece of moldy toilet paper. Why? Well, for starters, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the game’s many menu options. Which option do I select to change my characters’ weapons and armor? Which option do I select to save?

And then there’s the myriad of options that pop up every time I encounter an enemy. I know that the option in the upper-left corner translates to “fight” or “slash” or something like that, but the rest, unfortunately, are a complete mystery to me.

If anyone who comes across this post can help me answer the questions above, I’d greatly appreciate it!


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3 responses to “When FAQs fail

  1. This is the part where I wish I had played the game. If you can post specific screens and point out which bits you need to read, I’ll do my best!

  2. Oh, thanks Zigfried! I’ll post a few screens — esp. the main battle screen– early next week, if that’s OK with you. (I’m about to go on a short vacation.)

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