16 + 63 = 1,000?

The equation above makes sense when you realize the 16 stands for the good ol’ TurboGrafx-16 system, the 63 stands for the number of TurboChip (aka HuCard) games being sold in this craigslist ad (see photo at right) and the 1,000 stands for the amount of money you’ll have to fork over for the whole shebang–a TurboGrafx-16 system plus the 63 aforementioned games–to be yours.

By the way, a number of those 63 games are absolute winners, including (but not limited to) Air ZonkAlien CrushBlazing Lazers, the first two Bonktitles, Legendary AxeMilitary Madness and Splatterhouse. A few of them aren’t complete (i.e., they’re missing a manual and/or a case), but it’s still a pretty good deal–if you have 1,000 bucks to blow.

(Via retro-treasures.blogspot.com)

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