The PC Engine’s five fruitiest games

Here’s an admission you won’t come across on just any gaming blog: I love fruity games.

Now, when I say “fruity games,” I’m not talking about Cho Aniki or its ilk; I’m talking about games that are packed with so much actual fruit they should accompany every Edible Arrangements® order.

Anyway, the PC Engine was home to a good number of “fruity” games during its lifetime, with the following five being my favorites:

Coryoon–Naxat’s crazy cute ’em up would be well worth the price of admission even if fruit didn’t pop out of defeated enemies like they were the world’s healthiest piñatas (see screenshot below) thanks to its crisp, colorful graphics, cheerful music and tight controls. Plus, it stars a baby dragon!

Monster Lair (aka Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair)–Is there anything more satisfying than coming across certain pieces of fruit in this game and then shooting them until they erupt into even more pieces of fruit? OK, so I’m sure there are many more satisfying experiences in all of video game-dom, but I’m not sure there are in this particular title.

The New Zealand Story–I have to admit, the fruit in Taito’s cute-but-challenging platformer pales in comparison to its cool bosses, inflatable ducks and laser guns. Still, the apples, grapes and melons (no, not those kinds of melons) eradicated enemies leave behind serve to make this already sweet game even sweeter.

Parasol Stars–Like its predecessors, Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars (below) throws more than just fruit at players; it throws jewelry, pastries and vegetables at them, too. Is that more enticing and exciting than the title’s frantic gameplay? Actually, sometimes it is.

Rainbow Islands–What does Rainbow Islands offer gamers that Parasol Stars doesn’t? Rainbows, for starters. Oh, and stars! That’s not to say it’s a prissy pushover–in fact, it packs quite a punch in terms of bosses, enemies and levels. Just think of the fruit–and treats and veggies–you collect along the way as sweet rewards for your troubles.

Honorable mention: Don Doko Don, PC Genjin and PC Genjin 2.


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9 responses to “The PC Engine’s five fruitiest games

  1. Parasol, and Rainbow are 2 fun games..but I’m still DYING to get my hands on Coryoon. What little I’ve played via emulator is just AWESOME.

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  3. Me, too, Nectarsis! Unfortunately, whenever I see the game on eBay it costs over $100. Yikes. I guess I’ll stick to emulating it for the time being 🙂

  4. One more thing, Nectarsis — are you not a fan of Monster Lair or New Zealand Story? I have to say, I’ve always had a soft spot for Monster Lair.

  5. Both are decent enough games…but IMO the other 3 are in completely different class. All good in their own ways though.

    P.S. I corrected my failure to add your page to my blog lol.

  6. Oh, thanks for linking to my blog (on your blog)! I hadn’t noticed, to tell you the truth. Anyway, I’m glad you mentioned it, as it prompted me to check out your blog again (it’s been a while — sorry). I’m jealous of your new acquisitions, by the way 🙂

    As for the games mentioned in this post — I agree with you, despite my mention of having a soft spot for Monster Lair. IMO, Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars are head and shoulders above the rest, though Coryoon is up there, too. Still, you can’t go wrong with any of them if you like fun, arcade-y games.

  7. LOL no problem. So few people that post about PCE/TG these days as much exposure as we can get is always good. 😉

    If you like Parasol, and Rainbow..another one to check out is Pop ‘n Magic..SUPERB, colorful fun.

  8. Oh, it’s good to hear your recommendation for Pop ‘n Magic. I’ve known about the game for a while, but I’ve never heard whether it’s good or not. So, maybe if I see it for a reasonable enough price I’ll pick it up 🙂

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