PCE Review #1: Rainbow Islands

Game: Rainbow Islands
Genre: Platformer
Format: CD-ROM2
Developer: NEC Avenue
Publisher: NEC Avenue
Release date: 1993

Most platformers follow in Super Mario Bros’ hugely successful footsteps and scroll horizontally. Well, Fukio Mitsuji’s arcade classic–technically the first sequel to Bubble Bobble–turns that tried-and-true tradition on its head and scrolls vertically, much like those odd overworld sections of Kid Icarus that caused you to pull out your hair by the handful. (Or was that just me?) As much as I like that mythological Famicom Disk System title, though, it has nothing on Rainbow Islands, what with its titular arcs of light–which can be used as weapons and as platforms–shimmering, Wizard of Oz-esque soundtrack (i.e., the main theme sounds an awful lot like “Over the Rainbow“) and varied assortment of enemies and environments.

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4 responses to “PCE Review #1: Rainbow Islands

  1. I like this format and those photos look great. The writing is excellent (a given with your posts). I think you’re going to wind up with the best set of PCE mini-reviews around.

    And I totally agree with you on RI.

  2. Thanks, IvaNEC! Yeah, I thought including photos/scans of each game’s front and back covers would be a good idea, esp. since some of them aren’t that well documented.

    RE: the writing — well, I definitely couldn’t compete with you when it comes to full-length reviews (nor would I want to), plus I just don’t seem to have the attention span for such posts. (I think it has something to do with writing 2,000-word articles as part of my day job.)

    Also, there’s something about these mini-reviews that has excited me, which means it shouldn’t be difficult at all to keep them up for a good long time 🙂

  3. Nice and punchy! Great game, and this is a good version to get. They changed the song for the US PS2 release, for exactly the reason you mention.

    Oh yeah, and no more Kid Icarus for you.

  4. Thanks, Zigfried!

    You know, I’ve heard that Taito had to change the tune because of its similarity, but I don’t think I’ve heard the tune they replaced it with. I may have to pull out my Taito Legends disc later today so I can finally do that 🙂

    As for Kid Icarus, well, I’ll *try* to stay away from it, but it has a pull on me that’s hard to break…

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