PCE Review #6: Pro Tennis World Court

Pro Tennis World Court
Genre: Sports
Developer: Namcot
Publisher: Namcot
Format: HuCard
Release date: 1988

Pro Tennis World Court is widely known–to 16-bit afficionados, at least–as “the tennis RPG.” There’s a good reason for that: Along with the expected singles and doubles modes, this Namcot-published game features a “quest” mode that tasks players with wandering the Final Fantasy-esque lands of the creatively named (or not) “Tennis Kingdom” in search of the “Evil Tennis King.” (I’m not making this up–check out this blog post for more on this title’s sad excuse for a backstory.) Before you can challenge this lizard-like baddie (he’s green) to a Nadal-Federer-ish face-off, you’ll have to vanquish a number of his minions in tennis matches of varying lengths. You’ll also have to upgrade your equipment (rackets, shoes and shirts–which boost your power, foot speed and ability to refuse challenges, respectively) using the winnings you receive after beating the aforementioned, randomly-encountered foes. All in all, it’s an enjoyably unique, if slightly unpolished (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you approach your first NPC), experience. You’ll have to be patient if you want to eke every last ounce of fun out of the game, though, as it starts rather slowly. Thankfully, things speed up appreciably once you update your gear a bit. Even then, Pro Tennis World Court (World Court Tennis in the States) never feels quite as slick as another well-known PC Engine title featuring fuzzy, yellow balls–Final Match Tennis–but its quirkiness at least partially makes up for it.

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3 responses to “PCE Review #6: Pro Tennis World Court

  1. I read this post when it appeared on Gay Gamer, but I’m still very glad to see an update here!

    Have you had a chance to sit down with Davis Cup Tennis yet?

  2. Thanks, IvaNEC! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while — and that most of what I do post here isn’t “original” (i.e., it’s posted on my other blog first). I just haven’t been playing/thinking about the ol’ PCE as much lately.

    As for Davis Cup Tennis — I finally tried it out and … I didn’t like it all that much. I’ll try it again soon, though, as I know you like it. The controls just feel weird to me at this point. Also, I really don’t like the perspective/view of the court.

  3. Marco Gehring

    Differennt Ending possible in RPG with different Opponent as Evil Tennis King:
    Just a couple of Moments ago,I once again completed the RPG in World-
    Court Tennis (JAPANESE/PC ENGINE).(for 2nd time in 2 Month I did!)
    Now the huge surprise I experienced:
    The Evil Tennis King usually was “Boris Becker”(Player on the Far Left
    in Row 2 on Players Choice Menü).(With a Green Face and a Crown on his head)
    But this Time it wasn’t Boris Becker but instead it was the Japanese Female
    Character which is found on the Bottom Right Hand Corner in the Row 6
    on the Far Right (Monica Chang).
    The Female Character didn’t wear a Crown,but the Tennis Ball was shining as I had the Magic Ball which you can exchange for all 6 Pearls you received from the Henchmen you defeated during the run of this Game.

    I have completed the WCT RPG at least 5 Times or more,but this has never ever happened to me previously/before yet.

    Now we have to ask:why can such a thing happen,to have a different Boss
    Enemy in the Game than Regularly,when you play the game and beat it.

    I suggest and believe that it depends on how you play the Game:
    How many opponents you defeat,what stuff you buy in the Item Shop
    And most important of course:
    The Order in which you defeat your Henchmen Opponents on the 6 Tennis courts,and other factors.

    It is logical that the game has different Boss Characters as Evil King,as such things are known in other Japanese RPGs like for Example Chrono Trigger where there are several possible Endings as is well known.
    This time around I beat the opponents (Henchmen)in a different order than previously.
    I first defeated them in this order:(Characters Screen Position mentioned)
    1.)Stefan Edberg(Top Right Corner,First Row)
    2.)Tim Mayotte(Player with a Smile and Purple Shirt)
    3.)Martina Navratilove(The Best Female/Lefthanded Player in the Game)
    4.)Mads Wilander(Player in Middle in the First Row of the Game)
    5.)Ivan Lendl (Player in the Top Left Corner of the First Row of Game)
    6.)Yannick Noah(Player with a Headband and Orange Shirt in Row 2)
    Picked up the Pearl at the proper Location (In London) like needed,and voila travelled to the Island and Monica Chang waited for me instead of the Evil King.To pick it up you need to get “Inner Tube” in the North East of the
    Map,otherwise you won’t be able to face “Henchmen:Nr3, and Nr6” as these players live at Locations which are only accessable by Boat and I don’t know how to reach then without the Boat in this Game.

    Note:Always beat all 6 Henchmen in this Game no matter in what order you
    try to do so.
    If you don’t change in all 6 Magic Balls in Paris to John McEnroe then beating the Final Boss EVIL KING will be very tough as his service is usually very very very fast and you cant react fast enough to return it usually.
    If you return the Serve of the Evil King without having the Pearl then thumbs up to you but it is very tough as you need to guess the Location
    of the Service Hit to be able to Return it.
    Only go to the Evil King without the Magic Pearl if you look for a real chall-
    enge,because defeating the Evil King may be impossible or very tought to
    do if you try so without having the Magic Ball with you.
    Trust me I’ve tried out both ways with and without Magic Ball and it is a huge difference as the King is Strong but Beatable when having the Magic
    Ball with you.
    No Matter which Opponent you may/will face as Evil King,it will always be a
    very strong Player who returns a lot of Balls that the Regular PC ENGINE-
    Players in this Game won’t be able to return as they all play averagely strong really as everybody knows.

    You see,this Game after many many years still has surprises left for all of us,if you try beating the Henchmen in different order,then you can get a
    different “Evil King-Boss-Character”.

    It really is possible,I am not kidding.

    Would like your thoughts on it ,Really appreciated

    Kindest Sincerest Regards from 1 Gamer to the Other

    Marco Gehring
    (from Germany)
    P.S.:Try Out “Family Tennis” for the “NINTENDO FAMICOM” CONSOLE.
    The Game is the “Predecessor” of PCE WORLD COURT TENNIS,but with
    a Tournament Mode and Tour Mode regularly.
    I bought a Japanese Modified Regular Famicom and the Family Tennis Game to be able to Play it on a Big TV.
    I Bought the Family Tennis Game a couple of Years back,as I had a FAMI-
    COM Catalogue in which it was pictured.
    First thought it was PCE WCT but then noticed that other games like ZELDA and others were listed and pictured inside there and not PC-Engine

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