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Hello gorgeous! (part three)

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “Enough with the photos already!” Sorry about that. I honestly can’t help myself–I’m head over heels in love with the design of the PC Engine system and its games.

Speaking of the latter, here are some of Glamour Shots® of the PC Engine games (mostly HuCards) I’ve acquired as of late.

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Don’t call me a Tengai Makyo virgin

Actually, feel free to continue calling me a Tengai Makyo virgin until my copies of Tengai Makyo: Ziria, Tengai Makyo II: Manjimaru and Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden arrive in the mail later this week (or early next).

Yep, I ordered all three (plus the promo-only spinoff, Denden no Den) a few days ago–despite the fact that I don’t know a lick of Japanese. Thankfully, translated walkthroughs exist for each of the titles. (You can find them here, here and here, respectively.)

Anyway, as soon as they arrive I plan to take the advice of IvaNEC (of The Brothers Duomazov fame) and start with Tengai Makyo: Fuun Kabukiden and then work my way backwards through the trilogy.

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Incoming: Obocchama Kun

Of all the games on my lengthy “HuCard wish list,” Namco(t)’s Obocchama Kun has, thus far, been the most bashful when it comes to showing its face on eBay.

In fact, the only “complete” (case + manual + slipcase) version of the game I’ve found on the popular auction site–until last night, that is–is used and goes for $45. Uh, no thanks.

So what changed late last night? Well, for starters, I came across a new, sealed copy of the title. Of course, that wouldn’t have meant much if the seller had attached a $60 (or higher) price tag to it, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Actually, it was quite the opposite–the seller was asking for just $22. Score!

As excited as I am about my most recent acquisition, I think my wallet and I need to take a bit of a break from eBay.


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So, what about the games?

If you read the posts that preceded this one, you know that I recently purchased a PC Engine. What those posts didn’t tell you is that I purchased a few games alongside the system.

Actually, the person who sold me my system sent me six games gratis–BarunbaCyber DodgeF1 CircusFire Pro Wrestling 2nd BoutStreet Fighter II’ Champion Edition and Wonder Momo.

I also picked up, separately, Alien Crush, Honey in the Sky, Honey on the Road, PC Genjin, PC Genjin 2 and Pro Tennis World Court. (Yes, I’m one of the few people in the world who enjoys playing Namco’s “tennis RPG.”)

What will my next acquisition be? I’m not sure. My wish list–which includes Devil Crash, Don Doko Don, Gekisha Boy, Gunhed, Mizubaku Daibouken, Obocchama Kun and Parasol Stars–is pretty long, so maybe I’ll just start at the top and (slowly) work my way down.

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