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PC Engine Punch-Out!!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone created a “console wars”-themed boxing game? (Don’t worry, you can disagree with me.) I’d especially like it if such a game allowed players to choose handhelds as well as consoles as their pixelated–or polygonal–pugilists.

Although I’d probably pick underdogs–the PC Engine, Saturn and Dreamcast, especially–most of the time, every once in a while I’d pick the tank-like NES, which in my mind would play a bit like King Hippo.


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Introducing: PCE Reviews

To all of you who are thinking that “PCE” stands for PC Engine: You’re wrong!

I mean, you’re right in most cases, but in this particular case those three little letters stand for something completely different: Punchy, Concise and (hopefully) Entertaining.

Anyway, yes, this means that I’m soon going to start publishing reviews of all of the games in my collection. Don’t expect them to be feature-length reviews that end with multi-star recommendations, though; rather, expect them to be short, but sweet, “repositories of information.” (Kind of like the reviews found at gamengai.com and videogameden.com.)

I’m going to post the first “PCE Review” within the next few days and then do my best to keep them coming at a good clip until I’ve finished going through my still-growing PC Engine collection.


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A PC Engine love story

I’ve always been a “doodler,” but for the last few years I haven’t done much of it. That all changed a few weeks ago when I picked up a set of markers my sister-in-law bought me as a Christmas present and (finally) put them to use.

Although I’ve produced quite a few game-related doodles in the past week or so, the one below is the only one that has to do with the PC Engine.

If you’re at all interested in seeing more of my doodles, check out this Flicker set. If you want to see some of the photos I’ve taken of my games collection (which includes a number of PC Engine system and game shots), check out this set.


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