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Got $10,000 to blow? Buy me this ‘complete collection’ of TurboDuo systems and games

OK, you can buy it for yourself if you’d like. I certainly wouldn’t complain if you bought it for me, though.

Regardless of who you purchase it for, you’d probably like to know what this “complete collection” includes before hitting this eBay auction’s “Buy it Now” button (here), right?

Well, for starters, it includes one boxed TurboDuo system in mint condition and three unboxed TurboDuo systems in excellent condition. It also includes an Arcade Card (which allows you to play all of the system’s Arcade Card titles), a “Diving Board” card (which allows you to play imports) and 129 North American and 30 Japanese games.

Just a few of the games that could be yours ... if you've got $10,000 to blow.

Although I’m hardly the TurboGrafx-16 expert I once was, this auction’s asking price seems a bit high to me–especially since a number of the included games are “loose” (they don’t come with a case and/or manual). Also, this so-called complete collection lacks the most magnificent Arcade Card title of them all: Madou Monogatari.

(Via retro-treasures.blogspot.com)


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Be still my heart

I’ve wanted a PC Engine LT ever since I saw the sexy little laptop-esque system in the pages of an early issue of Diehard GameFan magazine.

So why haven’t I bought one? Well, they’re expensive. Really expensive. A recent eBay search, for instance, brought up auctions for three used, boxless systems, with the cheapest priced at $550 and the most expensive priced at $799.

A guy who calls himself dcmaster on Flickr recently acquired the PC Engine LT above for a bit less than that. In fact, said system–bought at a “car boot sale,” whatever that is–set him back just £5 (approximately $6.75).

Assuming the thing works, I’m not sure whether I should pat this dcmaster fellow on the back (virtually, of course) or try to put a hex on him.

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Anybody want to sell me an AV Booster?

True story: I’ve been looking for an AV Booster ever since I bought a PC Engine a few months ago.

And when I say I’ve been looking, I mean it–I’ve paid regular visits to eBay, genkivideogames.com, japanvideogames.complay-asia.com and other such sites since I acquired NEC’s little white wonder in late May, but I’ve yet to actually seen one for sale.

Am I just looking in the wrong places, or were these peripherals not produced in the quantities that I’ve imagined? (I know, there are other possibilities, too. Like, plenty were produced, but most of them have stayed in Japan–or most of the North Americans who own one have no interest in selling them.)

Oh, well, I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, I’ll read and re-read this rather informative post over at magweasel.com.


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Incoming: Obocchama Kun

Of all the games on my lengthy “HuCard wish list,” Namco(t)’s Obocchama Kun has, thus far, been the most bashful when it comes to showing its face on eBay.

In fact, the only “complete” (case + manual + slipcase) version of the game I’ve found on the popular auction site–until last night, that is–is used and goes for $45. Uh, no thanks.

So what changed late last night? Well, for starters, I came across a new, sealed copy of the title. Of course, that wouldn’t have meant much if the seller had attached a $60 (or higher) price tag to it, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Actually, it was quite the opposite–the seller was asking for just $22. Score!

As excited as I am about my most recent acquisition, I think my wallet and I need to take a bit of a break from eBay.


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