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Speaking of rare PC Engine hardware, what happened to this monitor?

Did you know that the folks at NEC announced both the PC Engine DUO and the PC Engine LT (the laptop-esque portable mentioned in this post) at the Tokyo Game Show in 1991? Well, they did.

At the same event, NEC also displayed a four-inch, clamshell monitor that could be attached to the aforementioned DUO to turn it into what the writers at TurboPlay magazine called “the ultimate portable machine.”

In this article (from the August/September 1991 issue of TurboPlay), it’s suggested that the monitor, below, had been released two years prior with a price tag of approximately $600. That assertion seems questionable to me, as that would mean it was released in 1989–the PC Engine’s second year on the market.

So, I have a question for any fellow PC Engine fans out there who may come across this post: Was this monitor really released in Japan in 1989, or was it released alongside the DUO and the LT?

Regardless, it’s a rather fascinating peripheral–especially given its release date–isn’t it?


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Anybody want to sell me an AV Booster?

True story: I’ve been looking for an AV Booster ever since I bought a PC Engine a few months ago.

And when I say I’ve been looking, I mean it–I’ve paid regular visits to eBay, genkivideogames.com, japanvideogames.complay-asia.com and other such sites since I acquired NEC’s little white wonder in late May, but I’ve yet to actually seen one for sale.

Am I just looking in the wrong places, or were these peripherals not produced in the quantities that I’ve imagined? (I know, there are other possibilities, too. Like, plenty were produced, but most of them have stayed in Japan–or most of the North Americans who own one have no interest in selling them.)

Oh, well, I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, I’ll read and re-read this rather informative post over at magweasel.com.


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