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If only I could read it while sitting on the toilet

On the hand, I love that the most recent issue–the fourth, for those of you who are counting–PC Engine Gamer is available, free of charge, to anyone who has access to the Internet. On the other hand, I don’t love that this online magazine isn’t “bathroom friendly,” if you get my drift.

That’s not to suggest I’ll be passing on this issue (below) because of the above-mentioned negative. After all, it includes lengthy reviews of Monster Lair and Rastan Saga II, a rather WTF-esque “fight to the death” between Golden Axe‘s Tyris Flare and Fantasy Zone‘s Opa Opa, and a “final countdown” that features the 10 best smart bombs in all of shoot ’em up-dom.

Which is to say that this 26-page issue is well worth a few minutes of your time (read it here) if you’re at all interested in the system I like to call NEC’s little white wonder.

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LTTP: PC Engine Gamer Issue 2

Before I go on, I have to point out that in this instance, “LTTP” means “Late to the Publication,” not “Late to the Party.”

With that out of the way, the publication I’ve foolishly failed to point out to all of you is the second issue of PC Engine Gamer magazine.



Much like this online publication’s first issue, this second issue is short but sweet. It’s also a bit silly, as evidenced by this “Fish and Tips” comment: “If you’re fed up playing [Mesopotamia], why not try this little trick to … play a secret shoot ’em up. It might be crappy but it’s better than Deep Blue.” (Also worth a chuckle or two: the “Translation Fun” section of “Feedback.”)

There’s more to this magazine than batty bon mots, though; there’s also a countdown of the best shoot-’em-up bosses, an interview (with Feena of Ys Book I & II) and a pair of reviews (of Dragon Spirit and Ninja Spirit),

Anyway, I highly recommend checking it out (here) whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

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It ain’t over ’til the fat Pithecanthropus Computerurus sings

More than 20 years after it was introduced in Japan, the PC Engine is still going strong–in the minds of its many fans.

Case in point: The inaugural issue of PC Engine Gamer, an online magazine that hit the Internet a few months ago.

The 18-page publication (check it out here), produced by the folks behind the fabulous PC Engine Software Bible site, features reviews of Bikkuriman World and The Kung Fu, a top 10 list, tips and tricks and more. (It even includes an ad for Telenet’s sci-fi RPG, Babel.)

Can fans of NEC’s little white wonder expect to see a second issue of PC Engine Gamer? The magazine’s editor suggested in an interview with gamesetwatch.com’s Eric Caoili that it’s a possibility–should the first issue produce an energetic following.

(Via gamesetwatch.com)


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