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On being an anal-retentive game collector

Hello. My name is Bryan, and I’m an anal-retentive game collector. (All together now: “Hi, Bryan!”)

I know, that’s not as bad as being addicted to drugs or drinking to excess, but it’s bad enough. After all, it causes me to spend a lot more money on games and systems than I should.

Wait, it doesn't come with a case and manual? No thanks.

For instance, I recently bought a bunch of complete-in-box Famicom cartridges (as detailed in this post on my other gaming blog). Although I believe I got them at a good price, I certainly paid more for them than I would have had I bought them “loose” (without boxes and manuals).

The same will be true when I finally buy a trio of PC Engine games that I’ve been eyeing up for some time. If I weren’t so anal retentive, I could pick up loose copies of Gekisha BoyMizubaku Daibouken *and* Parasol Stars for little more than it would cost me to buy a single PS3/Wii/Xbox 360 game. Instead, I’ll probably end up spending that amount (or more) on each of them individually.

I used to be similarly anal when buying systems, but I’ve loosened up a bit in recent years–i.e., I no longer automatically turn up my nose at them if they don’t come with their original boxes and manuals.

OK, I’ve owned up to my shameful, anal-retentive ways. How many of you are going to do the same?


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A PC Engine love story

I’ve always been a “doodler,” but for the last few years I haven’t done much of it. That all changed a few weeks ago when I picked up a set of markers my sister-in-law bought me as a Christmas present and (finally) put them to use.

Although I’ve produced quite a few game-related doodles in the past week or so, the one below is the only one that has to do with the PC Engine.

If you’re at all interested in seeing more of my doodles, check out this Flicker set. If you want to see some of the photos I’ve taken of my games collection (which includes a number of PC Engine system and game shots), check out this set.


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Looking to pick up a few imports?

If so, you should head over to tout de suite (right away), as the French like to say.

This Internet-based import shop is attempting to clear its shelves–likely for good, unfortunately–and as such everything is currently 30-50 percent off, depending on how many games you buy.

Anyway, a complete, up-to-date list of the store’s stock of HuCards and CD (and Super CD) games can be found here.

Happy shopping!

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Well, I’ll be …

I’ve been a fan of the Konami cute ’em up Parodius Da! for many years, but until a few minutes ago I didn’t know that the game’s special (omake) stage features a trio of secret bosses–all of which can be seen in the following video:

Of course, my lack of knowledge in this area likely stems from the fact that I absolutely suck at said omake stage.


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16 + 63 = 1,000?

The equation above makes sense when you realize the 16 stands for the good ol’ TurboGrafx-16 system, the 63 stands for the number of TurboChip (aka HuCard) games being sold in this craigslist ad (see photo at right) and the 1,000 stands for the amount of money you’ll have to fork over for the whole shebang–a TurboGrafx-16 system plus the 63 aforementioned games–to be yours.

By the way, a number of those 63 games are absolute winners, including (but not limited to) Air ZonkAlien CrushBlazing Lazers, the first two Bonktitles, Legendary AxeMilitary Madness and Splatterhouse. A few of them aren’t complete (i.e., they’re missing a manual and/or a case), but it’s still a pretty good deal–if you have 1,000 bucks to blow.


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TTi ‘treasures’

A few months ago, I discovered the following TTi promo videos (along with a number of other gaming goodies) while digging through my old bedroom closet:

As you can hopefully discern, the one on the left was used to promote Hudson’s Lords of Thunder while the one on the right was used to push the TurboGrafx-16 and TurboDuo systems as well as a whole slew of HuCard and CD releases.

Anyway, here’s the “classic” Lords of Thunder video:

And here are some links to the similarly cheesy–er, classic–“TurboDuo Game System and CD Software” video. (It’s been divided into three segments. Here’s the first, here’s the second and here’s the third.)


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Something old or something new?

Well, it’s that time of year again–the time of year when I waste way too much time pondering how I’m going to spend the birthday and Christmas money I receive from my parents.

So, what am I hoping to buy with this presumed windfall? Here are the top three possibilities:

1. A slew of PC Engine platformers–Specifically: Gekisha Boy (right), Mizubaku Daibouken, Parasol Stars and Rainbow Islands. How much can four old PC Engine games cost, you ask? Quite a bit if you’re anal retentive (like yours truly) and you only buy games that come with boxes and instruction manuals.

2. A red Twin Famicom–My desire for Sharp’s toaster-esque console–its eject button causes cartridges to pop out of the system like toast pops out of the aforementioned appliance–seems to bloom and fade like the blossoms of a cherry tree. Apparently it’s blooming again, as I can’t stop thinking about the damn thing.

3. A PS3–Surprise, surprise: I’m actually open to buying something current. Of course, the problem with this choice is that it’s the most costly. That said, it would be awfully nice to (finally) be able to play games like 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon’s Souls, Katamari Forever, LittleBigPlanet and Valkyria Chronicles.

I honestly have no idea which of the above options I’ll blow my money on at the end of the year, but you can bet your butt I’ll post all the gory details here.


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